The growth and development of veterinarians in animal husbandry department in Kerala

Kerala Government Veterinary Officers Association (KGVOA), formed on 27th December, 2013 is the only registered service organization of Veterinary doctors of the Animal Husbandary Department, Govt.of Kerala. On this historic day in the annals of service history of Veterinarians of the state, Kerala State Veterinary Surgeons' Service Association ( KVSSA) representing Veterinary Surgeons and Animal Husbandary Officers' Association (AHOAK) representing caders from Assistant Directors to Director merged to form KGVOA. This Association represents all members from Veterinary Surgeon to the Director of Animal Husbandary Kerala.Ever since it's inception KGVOA has been and continues to be in the forefront representing the interests of the Veterinary Community in safeguarding and promoting their service interests. KGVOA had the unenviable honour for any newly formed service organization since four days after its formation it was baptized by fire as it had to lead an agitation demanding implementation of the Gita N Potty Commission Report.This was followed by a dies non strike for ten days from 22nd February to 2nd March 2016 .The Government finally approved the report as per GO (MS ) No 9/2016/AHD dated 29/3/16. KGVOA steadfastedly stands to promote and safeguard the interests of Veterinarians of all cadres in the Animal Husbandary Department at all times.